FIL Series Features:

  • Flow range from 20 to 21250 SCFM
  • Maximum Inlet Temperature: 150°F
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 300 PSIG
  • Seven filtration grades provide ISO 8573.1 standard air quality
    • Grade A: Efficient to flows as low as 5% rated flow. Removes up to 30,000 ppm liquid contamination at efficiencies greater than 90%
    • Grade B: Removes up to 25,000 ppm liquid water from an air stream at a 99%+ efficiency rate. In-depth coalescing bed captures solid and liquid contaminates 3 micron in size and larger
    • Grade C: Captures and removes particles 1.0 micron and larger in size. Remaining oil content as low as 0.8 ppm (1.0 mg/m3)
    • Grade D: Designed to removes solid particles down to 1.0 micron in size in a dry air flow. Designed as an afterfilter for heatless desiccant dryers
    • Grade E: Capable of providing ISO 8573.1 class 1 Solids and Class 1 oil content air quality. Captures 99.99+% of all oil aerosols, Reduces oil aerosol content to 0.008 ppm (0.01 mg/m3)
    • Grade F: Capable of providing air quality greater than ISO 8573.1 class 1 solids and oil content air quality. Captures 99.999+% of all oil aerosols, Reduces oil aerosol content to 0.0008 ppm (0.001 mg/m3)
    • Grade G: Activated carbon adsorption filter. Contains 2x more carbon than supplied by industrial activated carbon filters. Reduces total oil content (as vapor) to below 0.003 ppm

FHP High Pressure Filters Features:

  • Ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 900 PSIG
  • 480 - 28,380 SCFM
  • 5 Grades of filtration for superior removal of contaminants
    • Grade B: Separator/Filter removes bulk liquid and particles to 3 micron. Maximum inlet liquid load: 25,000 ppm w/w. Ideal as a particulate prefilter for RHP Series High Pressure Refrigerated Dryers.
    • Grade C: General Purpose 1 micron particulate filter. Ideal as the first afterfi lter after a high pressure refrigerated dryer.
    • Grade E High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter eliminates oil aerosols to 0.008 ppm (0.01 mg/m³). Maximum inlet liquid load: 1,000 ppm w/w.
    • Grade F: Maximum Efficiency Oil Removal Filter eliminates oil aerosols to 0.0008 ppm (0.001 mg/m³). Maximum inlet liquid load 100 ppm w/w. This is the preferred “second afterfilter” for oil removal in high pressure systems.
    • Grade G: Oil Vapor Removal Filter utilizes activated carbon to eliminate oil vapors to 0.003 ppm (0.004 mg/m³).

FME Series Mist Eliminators Features:

  • 125-3000 SCFM
  • Low pressure drop, saving energy
  • Long life mist eliminator element-Standard
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 150°F
  • An optional Automatic Condensate Drain

Liquid Separators Features:

  • High Flow Rates
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 150°F
  • Maximum Pressure: 300 PSIG
  • Less than 1 PSIG differential pressure

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