Gardner Drains

Mechanical Condensate Drains

DS1 Condensate Drain

  • minimal air loss drain
  • manual override option
  • float type operation
  • energy efficient
  • drain on demand
  • high pressure 200 psig

SMD, TMD, BMD Condensate Drains

  • eliminates daily man-hours required to manually drain air lines
  • prevents the receiver tank from filling up with condensate
  • SMD condensate drains for light to medium duty service, 175 psig
  • TMD and BMD condensate drains for heavy duty service, 300 psig (up to 500 psig available)

Demand Drains

DS2 Evacuator Condensate Drain

  • no air loss drain
  • corrosion resistant
  • shear action ball valve
  • 200 or 450 psig
  • operates on demand
  • trouble free maintenance
  • 27, 52, 77 oz units

Electric Timed Condensate Drains

DS3 Condensate Drain

  • indoor/outdoor application
  • manual push to test button
  • indicating lights of valve open and closed
  • 230 or 1200 psig
  • high temperatures
  • reliable operation
  • versatility in installations

AED Condensate Drain

  • saves on wasted compressed air created when valves are cracked open to purge
  • ensures timely and effective condensate removal during working hours
  • utilize with aftercoolers, receiver tanks, refrigerated dryers
  • units handle up to 1500 psig (depending on unit, see literature)

Motorized Ball Valve Condensate Drains

DS4 Condensate Drain

  • designed for heavy duty applications
  • high pressure capabilities
  • manual test button
  • corrosion resistant valve coating
  • reliable long-life
  • indoor/outdoor operation
  • valve open and program indicator
  • 600 psig

NA750 - No Air Loss Condensate Drain

  • low profile simplifies installation on base mounted compressors and dryers
  • units handle up to 750 psi, operating temperatures to 180°F rugged design for tough applications
  • rugged design for tough applications, manual test button
  • stainless steel vessel, non-clogging ball valve, operates on demand

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