Demand Drains

Demand Drains (also known as Zero Air Loss drains) operate only when the holding vessel fills with condensate and activates a level sensor. The drain is designed to close before any air loss can occur. This reduces energy consumption and operating costs, eliminates the noise associated with timer drains that stay open too long, and eliminates possible system pressure fluctuations.

All of this more than offsets the higher cost of these devices. ASP Industries has several innovative designs to accommodate applications up to 100,000 cfm and 20,000 HP.


  • available in 2 sizes - ACD3 & ACD5
  • reliable level sensor handles both water and oil
  • uses POSI-VALVE with clog proof straight-thru flow design
  • see-through vessel for easy inspection
  • completely self contained


Condensate Removal System:

  • fully pneumatic operation
  • non clogging ball valve
  • space saving, low profile design


Condensate Removal System for VACUUM systems:

  • vacuum to 26" Hg
  • fully pneumatic
  • no wasted vacuum

EXACTRONIC Drain System:

  • designed to remove scale and sludge trouble-free
  • large capacity

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