Case Controls

Our innovative "Dynamic Throttle Limit" control algorithm has been imitated by many but perfected by Case. Our scheme for multiple machine management is proven, robust and effective. Capture lost energy dollars, reduce downtime and overhauls, and simplify your daily operations with surprisingly sophisticated automation.

We pioneered the "Plug and Play" retrofit for MP3, CMC, and Quad controllers that provide you with a modern control solution that literally installs a few hours.

With our network of authorized systems integrators, nearly thirty trained compressor technicians, and an emergency response inventory, we can often deliver, install and commission a PLC replacement for most OEM controllers in 48-72 hours and sometimes less.

Case began remote monitoring and support of centrifugal compressors in the early 1990’s. We diagnose control, instrumentation, mechanical and plant air system issues on-demand, around the clock. You get answers and action you need...right now.

Air Logix™Premier Centrifugal Compressor Controller

AirLogix™ represents a quantum leap in PLC controls for centrifugals. Built on Allen Bradley Logix platforms with the PanelView Plus series operator interface, we were able to do magic like only Case can do.

  • PLC program back-up card included with processor
  • Operator Interface program back-up card included
  • Add, Name, Scale and Configure I/O from the front panel
  • Live and Historical Trending at the front pane
  • No need for PLC software tools or expertise

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