Trailer-Based Remediation

Dearing's environmental division packages a wide range of standard and custom engineered trailer-based remediation systems.

Our most common systems are for dual phase extraction (DPE) which combines the remediation technologies of soil vapor extraction and ground water pump and treat for the in-situ remediation of volatile organics from soil and ground water.

Also known as multi-phase extraction, the vacuum system removes soil vapors and liquid pumps remove contaminated ground water. Vapors and ground water are separately treated and safely discharged back into the environment.

Standard Systems

All Standard Systems include:

  • PLC Controllers for process control and data logging
  • State of the art 3G cell modems for remote control and remote data logging
  • Gardner Denver blowers and rotary claw vacuum pumps
  • Custom air/liquid separators for high efficiency and easy cleaning
  • High flow oil / water separators
  • Vapor phase carbons
  • Liquid phase carbons
  • Combustible gas monitoring
  • Instrumentation for the digital readout of vacuum in inches Hg, water pressure levels, and air flow in CFM.

Custom Systems

Dearing's engineering department can also design site specific equipment. Previous designs have included diesel engines and generators for emergency environmental response, pump and treat trailers, soil vapor extraction trailers, custom wheel technology for injecting oxygen and other gases into returning groundwater, and highly efficient and effective oil water separators that greatly exceed the specifications of standard off the shelf systems based on water resident time.

We have over 60 years experience in equipment packaging. Please give us a call, and let us specify a system for you.