Oil / Water Separators

OCX Oil Recovery System

Advance oil/water separation from Industrial Service Technologies, Inc.

The OCX™ system employs the patented Hi-Flow™ Media cartridge to continuously separate entrained and emulsified oils from water with demonstrated removal efficiencies up to 99.99%. A standard 7" X 20" cartridge has processed more than 3 million gallons of oily water at a continuous flow rate of 7.5 gallons per minute, before cartridge replacement.

  • Fully automated operation
  • Long service life of media
  • Process a wide variety of oily fluids
  • Small footprint (single cartridge vessel: 12" dia. X 44" h.; 7.5 gpm)

Unequalled Performance!

This photo shows typical results using two standard cartridges in series, at a flow rate of 7.5 gpm. System configurations can be varied to achieve desired recovery/removal target.

Multiple cartridge vessels are available to accomodate customer needs for high flow rate systems. Units from 3 to 475 gpm are available.

General Specifications

OCX Vessels:

  • Construction materials: translucent fiberglass and aluminum standard
  • Pressure: 70 psi max
  • Fully automated systems available
  • Custom engineering and integration into existing systems available

OCX Cartridge:

  • Flow: 7.5 gpm/cartridge (max)
  • Temperature: 1,400 (max)
  • pH range: 2 to 10.5
  • Hydrocarbon compatibility: Crude oil to gasoline
  • Pre-filtration: 20 micron (nominal), 10 micron (best)
  • Differential pressure: 20 psi
  • Service life: Up to 3.5 million gallons (dependent on water quality)