Custom Air Buildings

What is an Air Building?

Air Buildings are an electric-driven, self-contained, portable package providing a clean, dry, and reliable source of compressed air. This package allows for fast and easy hookup of electrical and plumbing connections.

The two major design functions are:

  • Effecient starting capability for larger gas compression engines
  • Providing clean and dry air for instrumentation

These packages can be custom built, and be tailored to your specific needs. ISO shipping containers, 12' x 20', and 12' x 24' buildings can be used for the air compression packages.

  • 7.5 – 50HP typical, 1 and 2 compressor arrangements. Options up to 250HP.
  • 150, 175, *200psig typical max pressures for rotary screw, higher available in reciprocating models. (*200 on the EBH’s).
  • Single phase only supply up to 15HP models without use of VFD or converters.
  • Typical building power requirements is 3PH 480V at 150-250A pending compressors.
  • Buildings available with single pitch and gable roofs. Single/double man doors and roll-up doors.
  • Dual 20HP APEX compressors and single dryer is largest offering in a 20ft ISO container.
  • Dual 20, 25, and 30HP Apex, EFC, and EBE’s with single or double dryers all fit well in the 12’ x 20’ building.
  • Dual 50HP EBH and single dryer is largest offering is a 12’ x 24’ building.

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